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    下面的短文后列出了10 個句子,請根據短文的內容對每個句子作出判斷:如果該句提供的是正確信息,選擇A;如果該句提供的是錯誤信息,選擇B;如果該句的信息文中沒有提及,選擇C.在答題紙相應位置上將答案選項涂黑。

    A Good Deed Each Day

    Every New Year's Day, millions of people make a resolution, but it usually falls by the wayside within a few months, weeks or even days. However, 26-year-old Luke Cameron isnot one of them. The young man decided to do at least one good deed a day, for 366days- and he has not missed yet.

    Luke did his first good deed on January 1, 2020. He simply greeted a waitress when hevisited a cafe. The next day he bought food and drinks for some homeless people. And hefollowved it up by giving coins to a woman, as she did not have enough to feed a parkingmeter.

    Though most of his kind gestures have been welcomed, Luke says there have been a fewawkward (尷尬的) situations. Once, as he was trying to give away a £20 bill to an old lady,her granddaughter expressed doubt about his purpose. Another time he bought a sausage rollfor a homeless man, but this man happened to be a vegetarian (素食者).

    Luke has carefully recorded his good deeds in an online diary. Most of them have beenabout helping people with small things- like taking out the garbage for an old neighbour orhelping a disabled lady pick out a dress for a party. However, the young man has also spentnearly f4,000 of his own money buying gifts for the children in need.

    Luke's kind deeds won him a good reputation (名聲). He was offered a job for which he can eam f£35,000 a year. Now the young man plans to continue doing good deeds well after the first 366 are done, on December 31, 2020.

    1. Many people fail to keep their new year's resolutions.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    2. Luke did not make a New Year resolution for 2020.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    3. Luke has been doing good things each day since the New Year's Day.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    4. Luke's first good deed was to buy food and drinks for the homeless.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    5. Luke was in charge of a car park.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    6. The old lady's granddaughter appreciated Luke's donation.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    7. Luke did not want people to know about his good deeds.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    8. Luke bought some gifts for the children in need with his own money.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    9. Luke believes that doing small favors is more valuable than money donation.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given

    10. Luke plans to continue helping others in the year 2021.

    A. True

    B. False

    C. Not Given



    Classrooms Are Growing Greener

    A“green classroom" used to refer to the color of paint on the wall. But today's green classrooms are greener than that! New“green" casooms help schools save money and provide clean environments where students learm better.

    Many cassrooms are going green by adding a group of solar panels (太陽能電池板) to their roofs to absorb the sun's rays. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and use it to power lights and computers. They create at least as much electricity as the classrooms use. In addition, new lighting and air systems can be programmed to lower energy costs and water use.

    Many new“green”casooms are built using recycled materials. Some even use small pieces of material from blue jeans to cover walls and ceilings. This cuts heat and air conditioning bll, and it helps to soundproof (隔音) classrooms, too.

    Green schools include many other new ideas. Some lasooms are painted with special smell-free paints that help improve indoor air. Some use no glues as they add chemical smells to the air. Others use three sheets of glass in windows and skylights to help keep casrooms warm in cold weather and let in a lot of natural daylight.

    Experts say the benefts of building greener casrooms go beyond cost savings. Studies show that a healthful environment with good air quality can reduce colds and flu by more than 50 percent. That means fewer sick days for students and teachers. Studies have also shown that natural light and other green parts of the clssroom improve students' learmning and test scores.

    11. The new green classroom refers to one that.

    A. uses more green paints

    B. attracts more students to class

    C. costs more money to build

    D. provides a better environment

    12. Lower costs for energy and water use are achieved by,

    A. building flat roofs

    B. improving lighting and air systems

    C. using the latest computers

    D. covering the roofs with green plants

    13. Old blue jeans are used in building some green classooms to

    A. add color to the walls and ceilings

    B. stimulate students' imagination

    C. improve the soundproof effect

    D. provide air conditioning

    14. Indoor air quality can be improved by using.

    A. paints without smells

    B. natural daylight

    C. three sheets of glass in windows

    D. high-quality glues

    15. What is the benefit of building greener classrooms?

    A. Cost savings will be as high as 50 percent.

    B. Schools can admit students with high scores.

    C. Students and teachers will suffer fewer ilnesses.

    D. Students can do more after-class activities.




    閱讀下面短文,請完成短文后的2項測試任務: (1)從第16~20題后所給的6個選項中為第?~?段每段選擇1 個正確的小標題; (2) 從第21~25題后所給的6個選項中選擇5個正確選項,分別完成每個句子。將答案選項前的字母填寫在答題紙相應位置上。

    The Inuit People

    ?People often call them Eskimos (愛斯基摩人), but they prefer to be called Inuit, which means“humans" in their own language. The Inuit people leam English or French at school, but they speak their own language at home. Children are also given lessons on their traitional activities at school in their own language.

    ?The most famous kind of house the Inuit make is a small hut called igloo. The hut is a temporary shelter. It is used during hunting trips in winter. Today, most Inuit live in modern houses with heating systems. They also have television sets, telephones and the Intermet.

    ?Tradinall, the Inuit eat food rich in protein (蛋白質) like raw meat. Raw meat contains more vitamins than cooked meat, and is easier to eat in the Inuit's cold environment where lighting up a wood fire for cooking is impossible. Nowadays, the Inuit shop at the  supermarket, drink Coca Cola and use the refrigerator.

    ?In summer, men fish and hunt from their small boat made of wood or sealskin. In winter, they use dog sleds (雪橇). They sit still for hours waiting for a seal to pop its head up from a hole dug out of the ice. Today, it is much easier to hunt with guns, but the Inuit still prefer to use traditional weapons like throwing sticks.

    The main threat the Inuit face today is the destruction of their environment. Global warming caused mainly by developed nations has terrible consequences on the area where the Inuit live. Animals are especially threatened. Some species are even dying off.

    16. Paragraph ?:

    17. Paragraph ?:

    18. Paragraph ?: 

    19. Paragraph ?: 

    20. Paragraph ?:

    A. Eating habits of the Inuit

    B. Problems faced by the Inuit

    C. Hunting styles of the Inuit

    D. Housing conditions of the Inuit

    E. Animals living around the Inuit

    F. Languages spoken by the Inuit

    Task 2

    21. The Inuit's children learm their traditional customs in,

    22. Now the Inuit live in modern houses

    23. The Inuit did not cook meat in the past

    24. Today the Inuit still like to hunt

    25. The damage to the Inuit's living environment results from

    A. global warming

    B. with wooden tools

    C. their own language

    D. food rich in proteins

    E. with various electric equipment

    F. because of the difficulty to start a fire



    The Use of Power

    Power is expressed in a number of ways in our communication with others. People with equal power tend to stand together or sit in a relaxed position while discussing something casually. When there are power differences, the person with less power has to stand._ 26 People with more power tend to occupy more space. Key managers in an organization have more office space than do their subordinates (下級). The rich and powerful typically have bigger homes and yards than do the poor and less powerful._ 27 The use of time reflects the amount of power people have. People with less power are often asked to wait to see those with more. _ 28 The employed must wait to see their boss.

    People who have more power are much more confident and precise when they speak. Individuals with less power are more likely to hesitate when talking._ 29 They might say,“I may not know anything about this and probably should not say anything, but I think the solution may be.."

    Individuals with more power typically interrupt those with less power more often. Within an academic setting, instructors with a higher academic rank interrupt those with a lower one._ 30 In conversations, men tend to show more power than women.

    A. For example, patients wait to see a doctor.

    B. At school, teachers interrupt students more often.

    C. Or if stting, he is in a much less relaxed position.

    D. They use more phrases to modify their statements.

    E. In most homes, adults tend to have larger rooms than do children.

    F. In business organizations, the heads are usually on an upper floor.

    第五部分:填詞補文(第31~40題,每題1.5分, 共15分)



    The woman was coming down the street again. Vilma_ 3L her from the front porch (門廊) of her parents' house in San Antonio and_ 32 if she'd speak. She always said something in English that Vilma didn't understand because she spoke only Spanish.

    The woman had a nice_ 33_. She said that same thing again and waved. This time Vilma had heard the words_ 34 enough. She ran into the house and_ 35_ them to her : mother.

    “She wants to know your name," her mother said.“You can tell her tomorrow." The next day when the woman spoke, Vilma replied,“My name is Vilma Martini." She felt 36 to be speaking English at last. After the woman left, Vilma sat_ 37_ on the porch, making_ 38 she pretended were English. She knew she would soon be going into first 39. Perhaps she would learn_ 40 English there.

    A. repeated

    B. grade


    D. smile

    E. proud

    F. watched

    G. real

    H. sounds

    I. clearly

    J. mistakes

    K. happily

    L. wondered


    下面的短文有10 處空白,每處空白后的括號內有一一個詞,請根據短文內容將其正確的形式填入文中,以恢復文章原貌,并將答案寫在答題紙相應的位置上。

    How to Speak a Foreign Language Well Languages are meant to be spoken (speak). So, in order to learn a foreign language_ 41 (effctive), you should try to speak with native speakers. Thus your 42 (confident) will be greatly increased. However, the_ 43_ (major) of learners do not live in the target language countries, and so they cannot benefit from practicing with native speakers.

    On the other hand, you can make_ 44_ (impress) progress by speaking to fellow leamers. Don't be_ 45_ (worry) because both of you are not native speakers. Practice ten _ 46 (minute) every day. After a few weeks, you will begin to notice a _ 47 - (different). Speaking with others is the best way to ensure that you can really make yourself_ 48 (understand). It is also a good way of_ 49_ (identify) the words and phrases that you will need in_ 50 (day) life.



    51.假設你想應聘一家外國公司的銷售經理(sales manager)職位,請你根據下述寫作要點寫一封自薦信。



    請以Li Ke署名。







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