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10 Facebook Conversion Rate Strategies for Online Sales

As you know, the Facebook conversion rate makes it an effective platform when it comes to running marketing campaigns. A high percentage of marketers value Facebook as an advertising space, especially on mobile, as a user acquisition channel. The number of users on Facebook still outnumber all other social media …

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Lawyers: Land More Clients With These 5 Marketing Strategies

Marketing psychology applies to all businesses, including lawyers. However, most clients have immediate needs and can’t be put through a traditional sales funnel. Most clients searching the internet for a lawyer are already in trouble and need to connect with an attorney immediately. For these clients, a traditional sales funnel …

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4 Video Lead Generation Strategies for More Engagement

The use of video lead generation in sales and marketing has been growing in popularity over the years. I’ve been on the marketing, sales development, and account executive side of the business, and it’s clear from my personal experience that fewer people are picking up the phone. Between that and …

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Personalizing Your Customer Service with 6 Strategies

Customers want brands to respond to their queries, fast and in a personalized way, with the expected response time to be minutes and seconds. Gone are the days when companies could afford to reply in 24-48 hours. Here is personalizing your customer service with six strategies. Your customers don’t always …

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10 Practical Strategies to Secure Your Digital Life

Is your cyber life secure? How do you know? Data security is critical more than ever before. If you’re not careful, you could end up victimized by any number of cyberattacks common in today’s world. If other people use your network, not protecting your network puts their devices and data …

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