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What’s Wrong With Smart Home Apps?

Designers underestimate how intuitive a smart home app needs to be to appeal to mainstream users. That’s one of the biggest problems with smart home products. In-house designers want to design something that looks unique and cool. Design consultants are even more motivated to deliver a unique looking design to …

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The best smart home products for summer 2020 – CNET

The phrase “smart home” often brings up images of stuff that goes inside a house — an Alexa speaker, a Nest thermostat, a Samsung fridge. But increasingly we’re seeing products and even apps that can help beyond your front door. You can use a lot of this tech year-round, like a doorbell or …

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The best smart plugs of 2020 – CNET

Smart home devices are replacing our speakers, old light bulbs and even our refrigerators. But what about the stuff in our homes that isn’t smart yet? That’s where smart plugs come in. These nifty gadgets connect your regular old lamp, fan, coffee maker, kitchen appliance or nearly anything else to your smart …

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Smart Cities Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges

According to the United Nations, 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban settings by 2050. With over 6,000 hospitals in the United States and over 36.5 million admissions annually, as reported by the American Hospital Association, health organizations are constantly being challenged. Here are smart cities …

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