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6 Off-Page SEO Techniques that you Should Stop Doing

Nowadays SEO is becoming more difficult, and Google is releasing many algorithm updates and many websites are losing their rank. Here are some off-page SEO techniques you should stop doing today. These techniques may affect your website rankings negatively. Below are six SEO techniques that you should stop doing. What …

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11 Ways Blockchain Will Forever Change Link Building and SEO

There’s been a lot of discussion about blockchain over the past few years and what it means for this industry or that industry. You’ll hear people discuss the potential with which it could revolutionize fields like finance, wealth management, investing, banking, real estate, insurance, payment processing, etc. But it cuts …

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5 SEO Writing Tools for Optimizing your Content

Anyone who has been a marketer for a while now knows that SEO is an ever-changing field and what works today might not be the solution one year down the line. However, throughout all changes in the SEO field, the one thing that remains constant is content. Here are five …

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Why Does Website Security Affect SEO Rankings?

As more and more businesses move online, website security is gaining more and more traction. And it’s not without reason since the incidence of cyber-crime is increasing. In the first quarter of 2019, 1 billion data records were breached. 62 percent of businesses experienced phishing in 2018. Hackers are now …

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