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Self-Driving Cars Could Change the Auto Industry

The auto industry stands to benefit significantly with the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly with the emergence of self-driving cars. Vehicles will soon stop relying on the human-operated steering wheel and pedals to move. Instead, they will be propelled by specially-designed software. Technology is making driving more comfortable, and …

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11 Ways Blockchain Will Forever Change Link Building and SEO

There’s been a lot of discussion about blockchain over the past few years and what it means for this industry or that industry. You’ll hear people discuss the potential with which it could revolutionize fields like finance, wealth management, investing, banking, real estate, insurance, payment processing, etc. But it cuts …

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How to Find and Change the IP Address on Your Mac

  Finding the IP address of your Mac isn’t difficult, and you can change it from the same panel. You might want to double-check your Mac’s IP address for informational purposes, or perhaps you’ve run into the “Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address” error. Here’s …

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How to change US housing to hit Paris Agreement goals

So far, the focus on cutting the US’s carbon emissions has fallen on two obvious targets: electrical production and transportation. But to engage in the sort of deep decarbonization we’ll need to address climate change, we can’t really ignore any significant source of emissions. And the places we live are …

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How to Change the System Language in Windows 10

When you install and set up Windows 10, you’re asked to choose a system language. If you accidentally chose the wrong option or would like to switch to a new language, you can change your computer language without much trouble. Let’s look at how to change the system language in …

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