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How AR Gives an Edge to Business Applications

Augmented reality has come a long way from a Sci-Fi movie concept to a scientifically proven reality. The AR technology finds its relevance in day to day life. AR has been around for longer than most of us realize. Believe it or not, this technology is from the 60s. But …

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How RPA Drives Business Productivity

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, with advancements in cyber technology generating more data than the world has ever known. Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern economy. It offers insights to create new business models, improve social and financial dynamics, and resolve public issues. Ultimately, …

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Top 10 Greatest AI Trends in Business 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the technological story of the 2010s, and over time, more AI technologies are on the way. AI was the new charm for all tech people — but it did not end even in the second decade. No doubt, 2019 was the year of artificial intelligence; however, 2020 …

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