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How AI and IoT Provide Value in Construction

Illustration: © IoT For All Internet of Things (IoT) sensors predominantly provide visibility to an operating stack – enabling access to real-time and accurate operational data. Laying analysis on top of that data produces dashboards and other visual representations but artificial intelligence (AI) extends this further by harnessing the data …

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Microsoft’s AI generates 3D objects from 2D images

The AI research labs at Facebook, Nvidia, and startups like Threedy.ai have at various points tried their hand at the challenge of 2D-object-to-3D-shape conversion. But in a new preprint paper, a team hailing from Microsoft Research detail a framework that they claim is the first “scalable” training technique for 3D …

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Uber details VerCD, the AI tech powering its self-driving cars

Uber, which hasn’t publicly discussed the architecture of its autonomous car platform in great detail, today published a post laying out the technologies that enable engineers within its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) to test, validate, and deploy AI models to cars. It gives a glimpse into the complexities of self-driving …

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How AI will Address its Crisis of Confidence

Artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, becoming smarter and more autonomous than thought possible. However, there’s one area where AI could use some improvement in the decade ahead: transparency. But how will AI address its crises of confidence? Historically, AI has operated like a black …

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