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10 Crypto Gurus You Have to Follow

The world of cryptocurrency is still new, and we all need guidance. Paying attention to people who understand the technology and can explain what’s going on could be helpful. Here are ten crypto gurus you just have to follow. Charlie Lee Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, the silver …

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Pokémon-like MMO Temtem surpasses 500,000 copies sold

Pokémon fans don’t always get what they want from developer GameFreak. But that creates an opportunity for other studios to fill in the gaps. That’s exactly what Temtem from Spanish developer Crema is. It’s the massively multiplayer online game that Pokémon fans always wanted … only without the titular pocket …

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Crowdfunding Your Startup at 700 Percent Oversubscribed

The jobs act promised small individual investors the ability to invest in the next Google. It also pledged founders an alternative route to raising money. Why should only the already rich get the benefits of investing in the next Google or Amazon? Less risk for the new startup investors. According …

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