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No Man’s Sky adds living ships and VR improvements

No Man’s Sky’s range of galaxy-trekking space ships are about to feel a bit more, well, alive. Developer Hello Games today introduced the Living Ship update, which adds a race of biological spaceships to the massive VR-compatible sci-fi adventure. These unique craft aren’t made of nuts and bolts — they’re hulls …

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Climate change is drying up the Colorado River

Enlarge / The shores of Lake Mead, faded from previously higher water levels. In 2014, the Colorado River reached the ocean for the first time in 16 years. Most years, the river doesn’t make it that far because it has been dammed and diverted along the way, supplying fresh water …

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Cities fighting climate woes hasten “green gentrification”

Boston’s plans to harden its waterfront against the perils of climate change—storm surge, flooding, and sea-level rise—seem like an all-around win. The only way to keep a higher, more turbulent Atlantic out of South Boston and Charlestown is to build parks, bike paths, gardens, and landscaped berms with waterfront views. …

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9 Blockchains Transforming the Way We Pay, Play, and Work

Look past digital currencies’ nosebleed pricing volatility, and you’ll discover a robust, decentralized, secure database. Brands and technologists are quickly figuring out how to put this powerful ledger to good use. Here are several real-world examples that demonstrate cryptos’ underlying blockchain technology is well worth the media hype. Bitcoin The first …

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We need to address streaming’s massive carbon footprint

While many of our lives increasingly play out publicly online, very few of us think about the massive environmental impact of all the data coursing through our devices. The issue goes much deeper than browsing, email, and social media. According to a new report released by Netflix, the platform’s “global …

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How to Improve the Healthcare Customer Experience

Leaders of consumer brands almost unanimously point to customer experience as the new battleground in the digital age. But ever-growing CX expectations have impacted the way consumers view service providers in every industry, including healthcare. In fact, research from PwC found that experience with an organization drives consumer purchasing decisions …

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