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OnePlus’ sub-$500 smartphone launches July 21

OnePlus’ event invitation. It’s a virtual event, of course. OnePlus A still from OnePlus’ teaser video. Another still from the teaser. The box! We can’t forget about the box. OnePlus Another shot of the box. OnePlus OnePlus appears to have picked a date for the launch of its midrange smartphone: …

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Exoplanet in the hot-Neptune desert is the first of its kind

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of a gas giant planetary system. Unlike TOI-849b, this one still has its enormous gassy envelope. In 2018, scientists monitoring TESS—the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite—discovered a giant planet in close orbit around the star TOI-849, roughly 735 light years away. Nature recently published a paper from …

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