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How to Turn Customer Satisfaction Survey Results into Action

The concept of customer satisfaction has prevailed since the beginning of commerce. In other words — customer satisfaction is certainly not a new concept. However, the way feedback is being gathered to improve customer satisfaction level has totally changed. Here is how to turn your customer satisfaction survey results into …

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AI’s Man Behind the Curtain

As the world grows increasingly connected, growing concern regarding the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) has been bubbling to the surface, affecting perceptions by industries big and small along with the general populace. Spurred on by sensationalized media predictions of AI taking over human decision-making and silver-screen tales of robot …

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Make a Plan Before Building Your Mobile App

With the rise of smartphones, the demand for mobile app development companies and mobile app developers are also in demand. The market and advantages for the mobile app in any organization should convince every industry to search out professionals who can build apps to fulfill their requirements. The mobile market …

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A CEO’s Perspective on Net Promoter Score

What differentiates a great business from a good business is the power of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. A great CEO understands how a satisfied and loyal customer can accelerate business expansion. They have transformed their companies into industry leaders by building loyal relationships with their customers and employees. They …

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The enormous opportunity in fintech

Take the latest VB Survey to share how your company is implementing AI today. Fintech has dominated the news cycle this year. Bold headlines celebrated large exits (Plaid, Credit Karma, Personal Capital) and venture-capital investment poured in. While the category has heated up quickly, the sheer size of the fintech opportunity …

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