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Old wasp nests help us understand old art

Mark Jones Tens of thousands of ancient paintings adorn rock outcrops and shelters in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. At some sites, layers of art on rock walls record a sequence of styles and motifs that changed over thousands of years. In about the middle of that sequence, a …

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A Vision for the Digital Workplace of 2020

There’s a lot of buzz and confusion around the term “digital workplace.” Many businesses make the words digital workplace a synonym for their collaboration tools, intranet software, and various network solutions. A Digital Workplace in 2020 is not just your tools. Your tools are essential, but they’re a shortsighted view …

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Iam8bit pulls out as E3 2020’s creative director

One of the most well-known creative companies working in the gaming space is pulling out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Iam8bit creates experiences and art installations related to games, and it was supposed to operate as the creative director of E3 2020. But that is no longer going to happen. …

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